Earn Easy Money Online By Paid to Click Service

This oppurtunity is specially for

1.Users who can spend 10 mins daily in the net.

2.Users who have a net connection with stable bandwidth.

3.Users who have a lot of relatives and friends who are regular net users or those who know how to promote in the net.

The method to achieve this is paid to click sites.These sites give you four ads a day which

you have to click.You get paid a cent each for every ad clicked.so you get 4 cents a day

clicking ads spending not more than 5 minutes.If you carry on like this you will get 2$ in 50 days.The income is slow but if you promote the site and ask users to join under your referral link you get 50 % of thier earnings.This means if they make 4 cents a day you get 2 cents credited to your account.

Now supposing you get 30 referrals,you can make a monthly income of 20$ from that site alone for spending less than 5 minutes per day.

But before all this you have to make an online account where money earned from ptc sites can be transferred to your bank account or to shop online.There are two sites Paypal & Alerpay


To have this account you need to have a Personal Account Number(PAN).If you do not have one or your not interested to make one,you can choose alertpay.Also ensure that the country you reside is supported by the account.For instance paypal does not support users in Pakistan so they have to choose alertpay.

Click Here To Register To Paypal[choose premier account.Its free!]

Click here to Register to Alertpay [choose personal pro account.Its free!]

Now about the ptc sites,there are other ways to make more money,which you can know by participating actively in the forums.They will instantly answer all the doubts you have.


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