Can We Become Rich Through Online Earnings?

Can we make a living using a computer and an internet connection? Well, this is a tough question to answer as it does not have a clear but yes or no answer to it. If you ask my personal opinion, then its quite tough to make a living online,
Online sites are not the permanent solution for all the problems like unemployment issue, money issue and self independent issues. One can dependent something on online sites and they are not completely permanent for any of the persons who like to work. Some people are virtually thinking that they could become rich if they work very hard and can become rich.
This is something foolish and it is not real in pragmatic world. The world is full of competition and hence one has to work hard to get success and benefits in any field. Lots of sites specially social sites are mushrooming in every part of the world and thus money earning process has become little bit easier and it does not mean that whoever log in can earn maximum amount of money.
Offline earning is totally personal interaction oriented process and it is not like online earning where personal interaction is not needed. Online earning does need maximum concentration to produce results on par with the customer’s expectation and hence the tasks are based on knowledge. Only online earning does need some writing and creativity skills and literacy to some extent is needed, whereas, offline earning sites do sometimes employ illiterate candidates.
Becoming rich through online sites is not an easy process and it is not worth the time and energy. As there are lots of obstacles in the path of online earning one has to overcome several hurdles to reach the target. Becoming rich is very rare among online people and it is plenty among offline people. The road to achieve the target through online earning is not as easy as offline earning because minimum qualification is must and moreover many skills are required. Also, one can completely dependent on online earning because at any period of time these sites can turn scam or vanish .Hence, reliability of these sites is not huge and should have a main job to cope with the daily life. If at all one person thinks that he can completely live with the help of online sites then the result would be devastating in all. Better performances are easily get eroded owing to the non-personal feature and thus one cannot able explain the issue, if any.

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