Paid to Post Sites are Better Than PTC Sites!

Posts to paid sites are always better than paid to click sites. Lots of reasons are there for the ptp sites positive features. The first and foremost feature is the money earning which is more here when compared to the ptc sites. Always the task that is present in PTP sites is more related to creativity than clicking where no skills are needed. In pip sites the amount of energy, money and creativity is more when compared to the PTC sites. However, money making is fine with the PTP sites as the tasks are heavy in numbers and amount offered too.

There are lots of sites where article writing task has been offered to the persons who are seeking work. Hence, these people are interested in making money heavily than ptc sites. Ptc sites are doing better work only with few people who have to log in to many numbers of sites to earn money. Those who do not like to write a long paragraphs and long thinking would opt these sites. In case if they want to make more money then they have to search a lot with the ptp sites. Ptp sites are real sites in getting the knowledge of the person who is signing in.

If at all a person who has no writing knowledge and no skills can go for ptc sites and it is not the candidates’ issue but the site one. Hence, money at the end would not get summed up and this would result in long scarcity of money. The amount of energy and time spent on ptc sites is however longer and in turn the money earned is little. Better focus on these sites would result in disparity in all aspects. Mere mouse work is sufficient in ptc sites, but ptc sites does need basic computer skills and thus the chances of improving in these sites are more than another.

Hence, there would be lot of consistency in ptp sites when compared with PTC sites. Consistency in terms of amount, work and skills are seen in ptp . Even long term benefits are obtained in these sites as bonus and other perks which are completely absent in ptc sites.  More people are nowadays concentrating more on ptp sites to run their life and are not concerned about the ptc sites. The main issue with the ptc site is the accumulation of money after lengthy waiting period which are proved to be nuts in all sense.

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