Ways to Make Money Online Without A Website

There are many simple ways to make money online without having to make a site.  when it comes to ways to make money online I think you can earn money in several ways, and in some cases, a Web site, the most important thing you need to make money on the Internet.

But  Many people make money online work at home without going through a single website or blog, the truth of the statement. I wonder how they do …

Here are some simple ways to make money online without having to make a site?


Fiverr is a site where you can do something to offer you $ 5. And because it’s so cheap, many people tend to pay for it. There are people in Fiver to make money by taking a simple picture of a tree or a flower, a cartoon, singing a song and record of telling tourists where to go and what to see in its center and other things you can imagine. you would be surprised to see what things people are willing to do in Fiverr. Simply register for free. Fiverr.com will charge $ 1 for every $ 5 you earn for their service. It’s so easy to make money on Fiverr

Writing articles
Freshness and quality of content are what attract visitors to a site that determines the success or failure of this site. And the content is always fresh and useful to the call. You can write good articles to make money online. There are hundreds of websites and blogs that are willing to pay for good articles. The best thing to make money online says that you need and nothing you can begin immediately, and in most cases, the results almost instantly.

They could be anywhere from $ 5 to $ 50 or more for each article you write, to be paid. The best way to find a job online: to find the writing is on independent sites like forums Elance.com, Guru.com and online, and how warriorfourm.com digitalforum.com.

Rewriting PLR Articles
Writing articles takes time, especially if you are not familiar with the matter, there could be a lot of time researching and learning about the waste issue.

But if you do not have much time, or if you want to earn quick money writing articles online, you can, what is known as PLR articles. what you can do is change the article and write in your own words.

It is a simple way to make money writing online. You do not have to spend time researching the subject or the review of this and that. Everything is done for you, you just have to rewrite in their own words, and sell it as yours.

It is perfectly legal, and hundreds of people make money with PLR articles every day. You can mention the same sites and forums now, your rewritten PLR articles for sale.

Amazon Mechanical Turk
MTurk Company is part of the all-powerful Amazon. In the AMT, you can ensure small tasks that can not be done by machines and computers to be paid.

These are tasks that can be done only by men, as the distinction between shyness two seemingly identical pictures or listen to an audio of 30 seconds and convert it to text, etc. Most of them pay in small amounts, like $ 0.25 per task. However, these tasks usually no more than 20 seconds or supplemented, and there are thousands of them. Of course, there are jobs that pay up to $ 40 per job, but as tasks require more time.

Paid Surveys
One of the best ways to make money online easily and not have a website paid for online surveys. It’s so easy! First, do research and find a real legitimate paid survey site and sign with them.

They send survey invitations you receive by e-mail that you have completed and get paid. These surveys are commissioned by companies and manufacturers who know what they want people to think about their products and services do.

For most of these online surveys take about 10-45 minuets to complete. And the duration of the survey, you can expect to pay between $ 1 to $ 75 per survey. One thing to keep in mind is that the paid survey industry is full of fraud.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone and I mean 100% of legitimate paid survey sites are free to join. Never pay to join a site for getting  surveys because it is a scam

Selling on eBay
I know you probably hear more about this old trick. But the truth is that eBay is still the largest auction site in the world, and thousands of articles on them are sold a very simple day. And thousands of people like me and you make money by selling these products.
You do not need thousands of dollars by buying wholesale products to sell on eBay to invest and make money. You can just start selling your old unused items. You may think that no one would like an object that you do not like, but remember, one man’s trash as a treasure anther.

Online forums
Running a website or blog with success requires hard work and time. You do SEO, content is created, backlinks to build, and so on. Many webmasters and bloggers do not have time to do all these tasks themselves. So they pay others to do these tasks for them.

You can find these webmasters and bloggers in the internet marketing and webmaster related forums popular. You are bidding on simple things like comments on blogs associated with your name and link to submit your articles to the hundreds of article directories, submit your site or blog to directories and blog sites, building backlinks, and tons of other things that are important to operate a successful website. You can have a decent amount of money performing these tasks.

Although these methods do not require a website, or technical knowledge or experience, they all have one thing in common and that is that to be successful with these methods, you must work hard.

They put in time and effort if you want to make money. And remember, there are many other methods, such as those mentioned above. You just have to be creative and take a look at some ways to make money online without having to find a site.

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