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Many people wonder whether blogging could make them rich or not and if you are one of them then this is for you. Blogs are great and have far greater potential than a website for a person to make a living online. But what is it that makes it so? Let quickly see some of the salient features of why it makes more sense to blog.

Well, first reason that makes a blog tick is that search engines love them. And unlike regular websites that has content which remains static for days, months or even years, blogs are typically updated with new content regularly. Due to this Google and other big search engines give them high rankings in search result pages when users look for information online. And since people love fresh content and use the internet for all their information needs, the search engines gives them what they love. That’s the reason why having a blog gives you the advantage over your visitors by showing that you are trustworthy with resources that delivers the current information on whatever they want to know relating to your topic. And that’s just the key as well in how you make your living doing this. While they pour into your blog to feed their hunger on the information you provide, you can place advertisements strategically around your page which are relevant to your topic. You can also have sponsored posting, banner advertising, PPC advertising, affiliate work and so on. The possibilities are endless and as long as you keep it breathing and living with fresh content as often as possible and have a little patience it can bring you in a handsome amount at the end of the day

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