Earn money with blogs

Can you get with blogging empire?

The answer is yes you can – if you know how. However, few bloggers are really rich through blogs. Most can be earned through there  ​​writing skill, the hosting costs or a little pocket money.

So remember before you think of your blog to get rich, you should meet two basic requirements.

You should:

  • have a blog subject about which you can write better than others and will permanently generate content
  • enough traffic (visitors / readers) to have your blog (it also helps you Entry in the blog directory)

Depending on the topic of your blog there are several ways that you can earn money.

The main types are:

  • Write blog reviews
  • Advertising in the blog integration
  • Sell ​​goods and services on your blog
  • Reading your blog to make a charge
  • Merchandising selling your blogs
  • Donations received


Write blog reviews

One of the easiest ways to earn money with blogging is to let you pay for it. Many companies have already recognized the power of blogs and bloggers to pay for it, write a review about a specific product of the respective companies. As a blogger, you can register your blog with appropriate companies like Trigami and will be confirmed by the respective advertisers, if you want to apply to a particular campaign. If you do, you must publish it in a certain time a blog post on the given topic.

Advertising in the blog integration

One of the most common forms of advertising that one encounters in blogs is Google’s advertising.
This you can embed itself on www.google.com / adsense. Depending on the topic of your blog so that you can generate high or low income. Read more about Google AdSense earnings opportunities for you AdSpace.

Affliate advertising programs such as TradeDoubler, a good way to make money with blogs. These offer both text links and graphical advertising elements that can be integrated seamlessly into your blog, where you can decide what appears in advertising for your blog.

Sell ​​goods and services on your blog

If you have a blog about a particular issue or write directly about a product, you can embed in most cases a direct link to the provider of this product. Moreover, you will need a so-called affiliate account with an affiliate of the major providers such as TradeDoubler, Zanox and Affilinet. It can take place, however, direct integrations of products such as Amazon or Ebay.

Reading your blog to make a charge

Depending on the topic again, you can also consider making the charge reading your blogs. If you for example, an expert on a particular topic, are interested only in the special target group, it may be possible that they will be willing to pay.

Often it is worthwhile in such a case, an area of your blog to make it universally accessible. In this quasi You give a taste from your knowledge and link to the fee-based areas, if the reader wants to know more about a particular topic. It is important that your article actually represent an added value to the reader. Because blogging creates transparency in both directions. If your offer is not good, this will get around quickly.

Merchandising selling your blogs

There are many merchandising stores on the Internet. These are stores that allow you to label products such as T-shirts and coffee mugs or other items with the name and logo of your blogs and then to sell online.

This measure is best suited if you’re already an advanced blogger and a correspondingly large range of readers each way, who feel an additional strong involvement to your blog.

Donations received

You should also not forget the opportunity to accept donations. If your blog has good content, the above-mentioned measures of commercialization but for some reason should not work for you, then you can still give your readers the option of online payment services like Paypal, direct you to reward you for your work.

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