Highest paid occupations in the world 2011: USA, UK, Australia

Top  highest paid occupations in the world 2011 top most paid jobs in the world You think to make money, you have to get involved in glamorous professions, such as athletics or professional work as a film actor. You might be surprised to learn that none of these professions made ​​the top 10 or even top 50 for a list of the highest paying jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. It should be noted that, highest paid occupations were in the medical field.

Here are the top 50 most paid jobs in 2011

Business Jobs:



–Financial adviser

–Financial analyst


–Meeting planner

–Public relations specialist

–Sales manager

–Training specialist

Creative and Service Jobs:

–Commercial pilot


–Film and video editor

–Gaming manager

–Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technician


–Multimedia artist

–Technical writer

Healthcare Jobs:

–Athletic trainer

–Dental hygienist

–Lab technician

–Massage therapist

–Occupational therapist


–Physician assistant

–Physical therapist

–Physical therapist assistant

–Radiologic technologist

–Registered nurse

–School psychologist


Social Service Jobs:


–Court reporter

–Education administrator

–Emergency management specialist


–Marriage and family therapist


–Medical and public health social worker

–Special-education teacher

–Urban planner

Technology Jobs:

–Biomedical engineer

–Civil engineer

–Computer software engineer

–Computer support specialist

–Computer systems analyst

–Environmental engineering technician

–Environmental science technician



–Network architect

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