What is the best micro job site?

Most people are asking what is the best micro job site? Micro jobs are thus small and only requiring tasks  little time and skill to complete. Doing Micro jobs have become one of the easiest ways to make money by online.
become big.

I know some people who are doing very well in this field and earn lots of money from crowdsourcing sites. Micro job site is getting better and provides a very easy interface for the user. If you are not comfortable with micro jobs then check out 10 ways other top tips for making money online without investing.

Here is a list of my 10 best sites on Micro Jobs for
make money online

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

MTurk is Amazon’s web service website and has been around since 2005. It is a crowdsourcing online marketplace with millions of users all over world (more than 190 countries). There are 2 types of people at MTurk

Applicant – Applicants are those who post known Jobs as HIT (Human Intelligence Task) like Categorize
question, find someone’s address, tag a picture or vote the best among multiple images etc. Applicant reviewing work submitted by the worker and based on his satisfaction, he agreed
the job.

Workers – sometimes also called Turkers. Workers finish jobs posted by the applicant and submit evidence to
get paid.

It’s really as easy to make money in Mturk as you will got a lot of odd jobs there that needed a little bit
or without skills.

Payment method – direct deposit or Amazon payment account

Note – Srilankan members have the option to accept direct deposits denominated in Srilankan Rupees into their bank accounts

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – Unlimited


2. Clickworker

Clickworker has been around since 2005 and has more than 700,000 active workers from 136 countries working with them. This site is free to join for all people around the world who are interested in writing,
translating, researching, collecting data, etc. As a clickworker You work independently, you set your own hours and You can choose the tasks that interest you.

Simple tasks such as image classification and categorization questions do not require formal qualifications so everyone can complete these tasks. For other tasks where special skills are required, you have to prove your qualifications by taking judgments. Now you too can finish the Pollfish, Adscend, and Peanut Labs surveys there are like many other platforms.

Withdrawal method – PayPal (payments are processed every week of the day

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – Rs 1800

Join Clickworker

3. Crowdsource (OneSpace)

Crowdsource is a legit micro jobs website. This site is special good for writers, copyists, and moderators. Here you will find small tasks like tagging, categorization, transcription, write answers, and write product descriptions, etc.

Which doesn’t require a lot of time and skill. There are currently 269 qualification tests such as Quality Assurance Specialist, Junior writer, senior writer. You have to qualify more and more tests for qualify for more jobs. Crowdsource works at 180 country and their site has a great user interface.
I like their payment system.

Payment method – Paypal

Minimum Withdrawal Amount – No Limit (perform tasks worth 1 cent and
transfer your 1 cent to your Paypal account)


4. Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers is a UnikScripts, Inc. service. Their website is great similar to Microworkers and has almost the same features and interface that works even if the site isn’t that way professionals seek and find some important features. There are two types people at Rapidworkers – Employers and Workers.
More about this source text Source text required for additional translation information

If you’re an experienced writer, editor or a proofreader, you’ll easily earn a stable income online by utilizing your skills. There are many online platforms and websites that are constantly checking out experienced Editors to help them with their client’s proofreading work. you’ll easily earn anywhere from Rs 7178 to Rs 14350 per hour or per assignment. Bigger assignments are going to be paid accordingly in fact .
So here’s the list of websites where you’ll apply for online proofreading jobs:


Scribendi requires proofreading speed of 1000 to 1500 words per hour. Average pay rates are between Rs5350 to

Rs 7500. Payment methods are Paypal and Direct Deposit.


you’re imagined to help students with their essays. They pay around Rs8000 to Rs 10000 per hour.


Another website where you get paid to help students with their research and essays. Pay rates are Rs 7076 to Rs 8800 an hour.


You get paid to proofread articles and documents of international clients. Pay ranges from Rs 7500 to Rs16800 per hour. Payment methods are Paypal and Direct Deposit.


Can work as a freelancer writer, editor or proofreader. They pay around Rs5575 per hour. Payment methods are bank transfer and Paypal.


You can be apply as an editor and work  to your own schedule. Pay rates range from Rs2555 to Rs5475 depends on your skill level. Payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer and Skrill.


you’ll work as a freelancer writer or editor relying on your proficiency. Pay rates for editors are Rs4350 and for writer are Rs 3250 to Rs 5475 per page.


On Reedsy you’ can decide your own pay rates and apply for jobs that you likes to work on. They pay via Stripe.

Do try these websites and share your experience.

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