Ten Key tips for Blogging for beginners

1. Prepare these tools before you start making money blogging:

A workman wants to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools. In a similar way, the one who wants to make money blogging, must have the good tools, not too much, a computer with an internet connection and a bit more than basic literacy is all you need to start making money blogging.

2. Find a profitable topic to write:

professional blogger of  Business Blogging says “More than specialisation it is important to have a certain passion. Successful bloggers write on a niche topic and stick to that” , your blog must has a profitable topic that you can write some professional words on it. More details here: What is niche and How to find the best niche for your blog?

3. Find a reputable hosting your blog:

There are many free blog hosting available, such as blogger, wordpress and livejournal, if you want to run a blog and learning the skills of making money blogging, you can use those free blog hosting service, but if you want to own a long term business with blogging, I suggest you buy your own domain name and hosting for your blog. Your own domain is your brand in the internet marketing, it shows that you are a professional and also helps in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activities.

4. Design your blog:

It’s not that difficult to design a blog, there are many excellent open source free blog script available. WordPress is the best in my heart, as you’ve seen, my site is also powered by WordPress, just go to wordpress.org, download the latest version, unzip it, transfer the files to your hosting via FTP, then follow the instructions of wordpress to install it, in less than 10 minutes, you can begin you trip to make money blogging.

5. Content is king:

High quality content is the key to be a successful blogger. High quality does not mean literary grace, high quality content should be unique, useful and interesting.

6. Be search engine friendly:

Use google adwords tools or other keywords suggestion tools to discover what keywords your targeted readers are likely to use. Then remember to cover your targeted keywords in your writing naturally, ensure that the titles of the posts are search engine-friendly and containing the main keyword.

7. Subscribe to RSS:

Subscribing to really simple syndication (RSS) ensures that others can read your content in their mail whenever there is a new post without having to visit your blog.

8. Link to other bloggers:

If you find interesting content on any other blog that related to your topic but you two are not direct competitors, you can provide a link to it, asking for that they link back to you. Inbound links improve your Google Page rank, then improve your search engine ranking position (SERP).

9. Throw improvidence away:

Rome is not build in one day, before you got a large traffic, it’s little possible to get sponsors who will pay you money every month to advertise on your blog, so you will not make much money, insist on writing and promoting, drive traffic to your blog, money opportunities will be more and more. Yet you can make some money even though you do not get large traffic, more details here: Get paid to write reviews – Sponsored Reviews will pay you to write reviews and Get paid to write reviews with BloggerWave, google adsense is also a good way whether you have large traffic or not.

10. Submit you blog feed to other sites:

Submit you blog feed to other sites such as Blogger, Blog.co.in, Bukisa.com, Blogcatalog, their robots will visit your blog and auto link to your posts. This increases Trafic Rank of your Blog, also improve your google page rank. More details here: 25 free blog directory website with high google PR list and Over 12 hundred free directories websites in one place

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