How to start a online business?

Few question about online business.

How to start online business?

Is it possible through internet using website.

How much i can earn online?

First ask yourself are you prepared to spend time working an online business and are you prepared to accept that there is no such thing as overnight millions to be earned despite all the lies to the contrary that you have no doubt seen.
Are you prepared to spend some money to get yourself set up correctly?

Next decide what sort of business appeals to you and will hold your interest.
Far too many people dive in and then give up after a few weeks.

Once you have done that then look around and research for products that you can sell or create your own products.

Next find a domain name that suits your business and buy it.
Do not let some else buy it for you or fall into the trap of getting a free domain name supplied with hosting as quite often if you leave that hosting company then you will find you cant keep the domain name.

Next look for a hosting service that you feel happy with.
Don’t be frightened to contact them and ask questions, Test their support system and see if they respond quickly or not.

While you are looking for hosting start building your site or look for someone that can build one for you. Again don’t be frightened to ask questions and get a clear answer on what it will cost you and how long it will take.

With the site building and hosting also see if you can actually talk to them and that it is not just email communication.

Once your site is ready then buy your hosting ( there is no point in paying for hosting until you are ready to use it.) Yes you can get free hosting BUT remember you get what you pay for and in many cases you don’t even get that.

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