Srilankans Do you love writing?

Do you love writing? Have you always dreamed of writing a bestseller novel? well,
most successful novelists also have a day job. here is a day job that can keep
you in the writing field that you love so much and also pay you a decent salary, so
that you can still have time left over for your blockbuster novel!

Anyone with a good grasp of the English language can write a few paragraphs of
original content. It is even easier to just read a given article and rewrite it. And
that is pretty much the job description for one of the most lucrative jobs on the
Internet today.

With thousands of new websites being set up every hour, webmasters are in
constant need of new content for their web pages. Sometimes a number of
websites are developed by spinning the same content into several articles. Most
buyers of articles pay between one to two dollars for rewriting an article of 300-
500 words. This task can be done in fifteen to thirty minutes depending on your
language skills and typing speed.

It is important to write original content   say it all in your own words   as most
buyers check for duplication by using  copy-detection software like Copyscape
and Plagium. If you just cut and paste from some other websites, that will show
up on Copyscape and you will lose your assignment and get negative reviews
from the buyer.

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